Dogwood Books will host author Ernie Bowling  for a book signing on Saturday April 14 from 1 to 3 p.m.  He will be signing copies of his new book  Coal Blooded.     

Book Description

Mike Thomas is a typical teenager, wandering through life in 1970s Appalachia. Like most young mountain men of that era, he goes to work in an underground coal mine ran by the strict disciplinarian JT Theodore. He learns his craft well and attends the local college in his off-time. At Theodore's urging, he becomes a section foreman, a decision that causes an unrepairable rift in his family. Striking up a romance with Theodore's daughter Jennifer, it seems his life's path is set. Then a coworker shatters his impressions, and a terrible mine accident leaves him questioning his life decisions. Is he willing to give up all he has worked for to change the course of his life?

Author Bowling describes the skills the main character learns in the coal mine and the details of his workload: "He learns how to set timbers and build cribs. He learns how to install track, how to set a pump, how to lay block—all skills he'd never be exposed to topside, skills unique to the mine that have no real use above ground. He was growing in confidence and no longer worried about the mountain of rock over his head. He quit worrying if the mountain was going to fall on him as he did incessantly the first few weeks on the job. But mainly he shovels. A lot. Eight hours a day, five days a week, for months. Initially, he was so tired he would fall asleep at the dinner table. He developed muscles he didn't know he had, and he had been a dedicated weightlifter in high school. He didn't spend much time hanging out with his buddies, as his evenings were spent in bed, utterly exhausted from the day's work and resting for the day to come."

About the Author

Ernie Bowling, a former coal miner is a prolific author, international speaker, multi-awarded optometrist, and the past chief optometric editor of Optometry Times, one of the field’s leading trade journals. He has completed his new novel “Coal Blooded”: a fascinating story of a young man’s plight while working in an underground coal mine and the decision he made to become a section foreman, causing a rift in his family.

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