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Book Signing with Bob Young

Dogwood Books
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Dogwood Books will host Georgia author Bob Young for a book signing on Thursday November 21 from  4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.   He will be signing copies of his new book Graball Road: The Story of the Great Lincoln County Gold Train Robbery of 1865.

About the Book

The events of May 24, 1865 in Lincoln County, Ga., spawned a legend that has taken on a life of its own. A wagon train loaded with nearly a half million dollars in gold coins is robbed in the middle of the night, apparently by Confederate veterans, who believe the stash to be the remnants of their failed government's treasury. The hunt for the thieves and their loot is an adventure of its own, but a Union general's use of torture on a prominent family only serves to inflame the local population and to heat up already volatile tempers. Graball Road is the true story behind the "Legend of the Confederate Gold." Decide for yourself whether a pot of Confederate gold lies buried somewhere deep in this river valley.

About the Author

Bob Young likes to write about the South...the South of yesterday, because he finds the people, places and events so intriguing. That's one reason he and his wife Gwen choose to live in the historic Summerville District in Augusta, Georgia.

He has been a broadcast journalist, â€‹city mayor, senior executive in a presidential administration, conservationist, Vietnam War veteran, movie actor, DoD school business manager, flight instructor -  oh, just so many careers.  But what he enjoys most is the title "author."