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In 1982, Tony West and Avery Brock made a visit to notorious Corpsewood Manor under the pretense of a celebration. They brutally murdered their hosts. Dr. Charles Scudder and companion Joey Odom built the “castle in the woods” in the Trion forest after Scudder left his position as professor at Loyola. He brought with him twelve thousand doses of LSD. Rumors of drug use and Satanism swirled around the two men. Scudder even claimed to have summoned a demon to protect the estate. The murders set the stage for a trial vibrant with local lore. Author Amy Petulla uncovers the curious case that left two men dead and the incredible story still surrounded by controversy, speculation and myth.

About the Author
Amy Petulla is familiar with the Corpsewood murder case from both legal and paranormal standpoints. She began practicing law when David “Red” Lomenick hired her as an assistant district attorney. The Tony West murders were a topic of local interest from the time she first arrived. Amy was a trial attorney for twenty years. She is the owner of Chattanooga Ghost Tours, Inc. Amy has a BA in psychology from Emory University and JD from the University of Georgia.

Haunted Northwest Georgia

by Beth Youngblood

Book Description
The back roads of the Northwest Georgia Appalachian hills and valleys hold a breathtaking beauty by day, but when darkness descends, there’s a different story. Through twenty-four haunting tales, read the stories passed down from generation to generation, some so frightful that never a word was spoken—until now. Discover a ghostly horse pulling a hearse through a lonely county cemetery each night, a phantom dressed in black wreaking havoc on a lonely stretch of highway, and ghostly twins held captive in an attic seeking playmates among the living. Meet the spirits of Cherokee braves and Civil War soldiers, and catch the train that rolls along a track that no longer exists. Like the mountains that hold them, these phantoms are reminders of the sad and often dark past of Georgia. The supernatural is a reality here. Experience it for yourself.

About the Author
Beth Youngblood grew up on a family farm on Little Sand Mountain in Northwest Georgia. Having loved ghost stories all her life, she is now historian for Southern States Paranormal. Beth enjoys hearing and investigating ghost stories, as well as exploring new places.

"Come for the books-stay for the atmosphere!"

New Arrivals

Armuchee: A State of Mind

by Mac Eubanks

Book Description
Before the start of the Civil War, Georgia had ten railroads, five of which figured significantly in General William T. Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign and March to the Sea. The number of rail lines in the state ballooned after the war. Many were founded by individual entrepreneurs like Henry Plant and Thomas Clyde, while the biggest railroad of them all (Southern Railway) was created out of whole cloth by New York financier J.P. Morgan. At the close of the nineteenth century, consolidation was already in process, and by the end of the next century, only three significant railroads remained in Georgia. Author and historian Robert C. Jones examines Georgia’s rail history over the past two centuries and today.

About the Author
Robert C. Jones served as president of the Kennesaw Historical Society for twenty-one years (1994–2015) and also as a member of the executive board of the Kennesaw Museum Foundation for seventeen years (1998–2015). The Museum Foundation helped fund the forty-five-thousand-square-foot Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History in Kennesaw, Georgia. Robert is also an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church. He has written more than forty books on historical themes, including A Guide to the Civil War in Alabama, A Guide to the Civil War in Georgia and The Battle of Allatoona Pass: The Forgotten Battle of Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign.

Lisa M. Russell is enthralled with history and creative nonfiction writing. Lisa's book, Lost Towns of North Georgia, just released by History Press, is a combination of the two.

Book Description
Armuchee: A State of Mind tells the story of a small community in the mid-20th century as remembered by Mac Eubanks, who was born and raised there.  All of the people, places, experiences, and anecdotes spring from his memory, either as he remembers them or as they were told to him.  Although the book centers around Armuchee, the themes of the roles that were played by the family, the community's people, the school, and the churches in the growing of a child into a man are part of the common experience of people everywhere.
Ample "old timey" photographs enhance the narrative.  A number of friends and community members provided the author with memories of their own which are included in the story.  You will come away with a feeling that you could go back in time, walk a particular street, turn in at a particular driveway, recognize a person, and begin a conversation with them.
About the Author
Mac Eubanks is a native of the small community of Armuchee in northwester Georgia.  He attended Armuchee School, Georgia Tech, and spent a career in the computer industry with the IBM Corporation in various cities around the United States.  His most enjoyable hobby for many years has been gardening, although building, woodworking, fishing, photography and writing rank high with him as well.  He and his wife of fifty-one years, Nancy, currently live in Rome. 

The Corpsewood Manor Murders

by Amy Petulla