Dogwood Books will host author Danny Pelfrey  for a book signing on Saturday January 27 from 1 to 3 p.m.  He will be signing copies of his new book  On Level Ground.     

Book Description

Newlyweds, Davis and Deidre find a beloved, elderly friend unconscious in her bedroom with her
watchdog dead on the front porch. There is reason to believe a frequently spotted mysterious figure
known as the Adairsville Creeper might be responsible. Young policeman Charley Nelson is a nephew of
the victim. Davis and Charley are soon hot on the trail of the culprit. Does the crime and the related ones
that follow have something to do with Aunt Bessie's childhood friendship with a famous local author?
On Level Ground is a mystery/suspense story that has a lot to say about finding direction and then
accepting God's will. Fortunately, as with the previous Davis Morgan mysteries it gives us the
opportunity to visit with the colorful characters that make Adairsville, Georgia such a delightful place.

About the Author

Danny Pelfrey , along with his wife, Wanda, is currently writing the Davis Morgan mystery series set in Adairsville, Georgia. He has also been active in the areas of inspiration and Georgia history. Danny, a native of Adairsville, is a member of the Georgia Writers Association and American Christian Fiction Writers. He once referred to himself as a preacher who did a little writing. Presently, he is a writer who does a little preaching.

You can visit his website for more information.

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